GMC Mid Tower Case Phantom V1000 2013-05-14


Fang contrary to be the case today introduced the compact introduced in the last week GM Corporation (jiemssi), followed by Fang Mid Tower Case today a huge case V1000 is a phantom.

Phantom V1000 has the depth and height of approximately 50mm from the standard tower in the middle usually, so I know that when you receive the first V1000 Phantom Big Tower Case Specification quite the size I was surprised.

Phantom V1000 is an entry-level case, but rather feels like a case was made ​​for users who require powerful cooling effect. The reason the number of cooling fans, and a whopping six double to the rear one the cool boost PCI slot cooler crafted effects of air emissions on the rear of the inside of the case to maximize cycle. Let's review the Case V1000 phantom can expect such a strong cooling.

GMC V1000 Phantom



Main Board Size

ATX ~ Mini-ITX

Power-mounted Specifications Item

The bottom of the ATX form factor

5.25-inch bays

Three internal

3.5-inch bay

Internal 5

2.5-inch bay

2.5-inch bay




USB 3.0 ports - 1
Two USB 2.0 ports -
3.5mm headphone jack output - 1
3.5mm microphone input - 1
Cooling Fan Controller - 2

▲ Three one-touch detachable cover the entire front of the 5.25-inch bay side processing and tagongmang, the better the ODD equipped ease.

▲ As the I / O panel, power switch and reset switch and have a definite size, it is easy to distinguish. The I / O panel with USB 3.0 USB 2.0 Audio input and output cooling fan controller is comprised of a variety of ways.

▲ The top of the SSD / HDD Docking system has been applied, you can see the two cooling fans. The easy removable acrylic query at the top of the fan cover.

▲ Side of the window screen system inside the case of the system can be identified.

▲ You can see the bottom dust filter for the power supply vents and highly durable case stand case and protect it from shock and to prevent filth ask.

▲ The rear of the hall and two water-cooled PCI guide, looks cool boost fan can be mounted.

▲ System, and you can see the inside of the side panel of the window to look inside ski Lynn hand can see the molded prevent Beim.

▲ The interior is spacious and cable clearance hole in the eye color, you can see the red part of the main board mounting.

▲ Unusual structure of its three external 5.25-inch bays, five 3.5-inch bays and a 2.5-inch bays, and six. You can use five guide dedicated SSD bracket with three HDD / SSD compatible.

▲ The rear of the structure that is most commonly seen in the middle of the bottom power-tower case has been

Sheet thickness

The left panel


Right panel


The top of the chassis


The bottom of the chassis


Rear chassis


5.25-inch chassis


The main board mounting section


▲ It has a moderate thickness of 0.5mm ~ 0.7mm thickness of the steel sheet used in the middle tower case.

Standards can be mounted graphics card

Case length


Brand logo

Graphics card

GEFORC GTX 690 or less

RADEON HP 7970 or less

▲ Wide internal structure and internal 3.5-inch bays mounted in a vertical rather than horizontal be equipped graphics cards up to 300mm or more very large crowd.

Specifications for tuning the CPU cooler can be mounted

Case height


Tuning CPU Cooler

2010 Tuning Cooler Thermo rep wind

▲ Width also a casually wider tuning CPU cooler will be mounted.

Cooling fan mounting section location


Built-in cooling fan

Optional cooling fan vents

The left panel




Two 120mm cooling fan


The bottom of the




One 120mm cooling fan
80mm cooling fan



Two 120mm cooling fan


▲ And five 3.5-inch non-threaded guide, SSD can be mounted. Three 2.5-inch guide only.

▲ The Hall seonjeongri can use the trim assembly.

▲ When assembling convenient and tidy thanks to the generous interior space.

▲ The front of the built-in cooling fan with white LED can be stunning aesthetics.

As mentioned in the main, pretty for your big tower in the middle of a case that is. Deeper you look, and feel of the case is designed for high-end users, and gaming users. When assembled quite comfortable and spacious internal computer system to implement unconstrained, and I felt comfortable. Structure and the the innovative Bay of the inside of the case, you want to give a high score. Non they just made ​​vertically nonge on the 3.5-inch bay only guide, or two 2.5-inch bays to three 3.5-inch bays you want, and you can switch having large graphics card to increase the amount of space capabilities of your graphics card can be installed without problems. I have been able to mount. The middle tower case with other additional heat coming from the graphics card to look cool boost system, full use of the system to maximize the cooling effect can be discharged. I'm such a strong case comparable to the specification of the big tower V1000 Review.


GMC Mini-Tower Tank USB 3.0
The GMC PANG case charmingly caustic
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